Country, Family, or Freedom

August 15, 1910

The Jaristea Journal

Shots Fired Between Factions
During the weekend DSF forces broke out into fighting in the town of Mera. What began as a heated argument in a bar turned bloody as members of the DSF opened fire on each other. Witnesses state that the argument began when two men had a disagreement about the idea of Stanishev taking control of Vrancea. It seems this incident has had an effect on the rest of the county as the DSF has began to faction. While the majority have remained with the DSF a moderate amount of them have sided with Ghergiev and have begun wearing the Vrancea crest sewn onto their uniforms. Many have begun moving towards Marasesti. So far this is the only incident of violence, but the situation is tense.

Auction Saturday
There will be an auction in Odobesti on Saturday afternoon at the Teodorescu Estate. The auction will start promptly at 1:00 on the south lawn. The money is being raised to build new critical infrastructure.


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