Country, Family, or Freedom

August 22, 1910

The Jaristea Journal

The Impostor has been Killed
Last Friday night The Impostor was killed in an altercation with some soldiers sent to survey the town. Witnesses say that they saw The Impostor charge one of the men in an attempt to surprise him, but was promptly ripped apart by the soldier’s dogs. The Impostor was later identified as Fadri Tuniev of Jaristea. Further investigation into the family is to be expected.

Attempted Burglary at Teodorescu Estate
A thief was shot during an attempted burglary during an auction in Marasesti. Nothing was reported as stolen, but the thief was gunned down on the front lawn of the estate nonetheless. The identity of the thief has been withheld on behalf of the family.

Stanishev Regime Makes Progress
Citing the crackdown on resistance members and the purge of Ghergiev’s treacherous men from his ranks, Stanishev is demonstrating how his brand of order is showing results. Many members of the DSF in other counties have been praising how Stanishev has been handling the situation he has been handed. When asked about his recent praise Stanishev said, “It appears to be only a matter of time until this county is in the hands of True Promethians.”


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