Country, Family, or Freedom

August 29, 1910

The Jaristea Journal

Mass Casualties in Vidra
Authorities are still sorting out the casualties from a fire fight between DSF and Boyar forces in Vidra and the resulting explosion along the oil pipeline in town. Witnesses report seeing Boyar soldiers attacking DSF troops guarding the pipeline. When DSF reinforcement arrived they were met by a squadron of Boyar troops. The two sides engaged each other in fierce combat. The gunfire ended when explosions erupted along the pipeline. Many of the troops on both sides were caught in the explosions. As of last tally more than 30 men have been killed. DSF soldiers have been diverted to the area to oversee security.

Teacher Poisoned
Mariska Akos, teacher in Jaristea, was found poisoned in her home. The poison dish was delivered when the children of the town wanted to have a day to show their appreciation for her. No one is certain who created the dish as every family represented was able to claim their dish. There were several dishes that remained unclaimed. An investigation into the murder has started, but so far they have no leads.

Rebuilding Effort to Begin in Jaristea
In order to fortify the town and help better protect the general population, Stanishev has ordered construction of critical defensive and production infrastructure. Efforts include a large blacksmith facility, a wall around the town, a revitalization of the mining industry, a generator, and electrical wiring. The troops meant to garrison the area have been diverted until further notice.

Homes Available in Jaristea
Several homes are available in the town of Jaristea. The beautiful scenery has been preserved and remains free of industrialization. The new jobs allow for many people with a variety of skills and talents to find a new home for themselves.


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