Country, Family, or Freedom

June 27, Wednesday , 1910

The Jaristea Journal

Seven Guards Slain During Jailbreak
Seven guards where burned alive in what appears to have been a rescue rescue attempt gone awry. Eyewitnesses saw a few people stand around outside the guardhouse when an explosion erupted, blowing a hole in the side of the wall as well as eventually collapsing part of the structure. Some guards were caught in the falling debris while others just didn’t get out of the building before the whole thing caught fire. The first guards out were complaining about a stuck door. Gunshots were also heard as the building collapsed. This brought out extra attention on top of the ringing church bells and the strange motorized sound that was heard that night. However, no one got a good look at the criminals and all of the former prisoners have escaped. This is suspected to be the work of The Imposter and his crew. When asked about the events, Capt. Zlata said, “I’ve fucking had it. I don’t care what those people do as long as they don’t do it here. This ends now.”

Restrictions Ease and Punishment Increases
On Friday afternoon, in a show of good favor, Capt. Zlata relaxed the regulations on the stricter curfew and the requisitioning of tools. Many of the villagers were pleased to hear this, even if the restrictions on travel remained. However, due to that night’s events, the punishment for crimes has become more severe. The Courthouse has been outfitted as a makeshift jail and guard center, but will only be used to harbor criminals for the evening while arrangements are made to have them sent elsewhere. For more serious offenses, mostly pertaining to suspected terrorist activities, guards have been ordered to shoot on sight.

Jaristea Under New Management
With so many prominent people in Jaristea being branded criminals and fleeing many new properties became available. Under Promethean Law those properties return to the government to be resold. As such some members out our community saw fit to purchase these properties immediately. The new acquisitions are as followed:
Marascu Vineyard- Capt. Cosmin Zlata; ran by his niece, Mara Zlata
Stanascu Mansion- Remus Stanscu
Courthouse- Taken for Government Use
Avrascu Hunting Lodge and House- Sava Viljascu
Dondascu Butcher Shop and House- Mugur Janescu
Nushev Blacksmith Shop- Remus Stanscu; donated to Victorin Ezrebescu
Nushev Home- Vacant

#Hot Off the Wire#
WANTED: Alias- The Imposter
By order of DSF Head Stanishev
The man known as The Imposter is wanted Dead or Alive by the Promethean government. The reward for his live capture is 500 lei and 300 lei if brought in dead. Any news leading to his successful capture will also be reward according to the accuracy and timeliness of the information. {Below is a crude sketch that would vaguely resemble Dante Unger}


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