Country, Family, or Freedom

June 7, 1910

Jaristea Journal

Botched Horse Theft Leaves One Dead
A member of the DSF was found murdered at a supply depot a few miles outside of Jaristea. The other guards had fled the area after a horse thief made off with the horses at the depot. When they returned they found the man with his throat slit, laying in a pool of his own blood. The guards suspect that the thief’s accomplice was behind the murder. At this time neither the thief or the murderer have been found at this time. The DSF has asked that any information be reported immediately. Information that leads to the capture of one or both of the criminals may be rewarded.

The Lunar Bull to Reopen
The Lunar Bull will be reopen for business as of June 12. The renovations to the bar tops have been completed as well as some minor maintenance. Claudiu Rezescu would like to invite everyone to come down and enjoy this month’s selection of wine and spirits.

Town divided over Fadrascu
After last week’s heated discuss between two of the village’s well-known figures everyone has been discussing the event and it has been causing a rift between neighbors. Some believe that the law is the law and must be followed while others believe that unjust laws should be ignored. There is also a debate over the severity of the punishment. Some say that 6 months is too long while others acknowledge that citizens have been given harsher punishments for lesser reasons. The only thing that everyone can agree on is something has changed. Whether for good or ill is still to be determined.


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