Country, Family, or Freedom

November 11, 1910

The Jaristea Journal

Jaristea Withstands Assault

Stanishev launched an assault against the free people of Jaristea on the evening of Saturday, November 9. To the surprise of Vrancea, the townsfolk banded together and fought off Frankenstein’s soldiers. The strike force was waylaid en route and then met harsh resistance from the town while not a single casualty was reported on the other side.

The Revolution Has Begun

Word has spread about Stanishev’s defeat in Jaristea. All over Vrancea, people have taken up arms against the solders stationed within the towns. Both Stanishev and Ghergiev’s forces have reported been ambushed by simple folk using basic weapons. Many garrisons have been forced to withdraw from the major cities of Vrancea. Only Focsani reports no violence.

An Uneasy Truce
Stanishev and Ghergiev has reported established a cease fire between their factions until the issue of security can be resolved. They are scheduled to meet in Focsani in two weeks time to determine the specifics of a truce. Neither side wants to give up much, but they have realized that the resistance movements are becoming a problem.


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