Country, Family, or Freedom

Saturday, June 17, 1910

Jaristea Journal Special Edition

#Hot Off the Wire#
Ghergiev to Look into DSF Actions
Vladimir Ghergiev has been receiving reports of DSF guards holding ad hoc trials, stealing, falsely imprisoning citizens, and even a few rumors of murders. He has not be pleased with DSF leadership in the area and has taken it upon himself to investigate the matter further. Kobokha Ghergiev, Vladimir’s son, has been placed in charge of the military in the county until such time as the matter is resolved.

Steel Mill Destroyed in Marasesti
Four people were seen fleeing the scene of a steel mill explosion the other night. However, only three of the figures managed to escape as the four member of the group was too close to the explosion. Medical examiners are still determining whether they died from the explosion or the metal debris that was scattered from the blast. The identity of the dead man is still being determined, but what is known is that he is not from the city. He is a dark haired and skinny young man. If anyone has any information regarding the explosion or the identification of the Resistance members please report to the local authorities. Your cooperation in the matter is appreciated.

Bounty for Proven Resistance Members
Stanashev is offering a $50 reward to any person who provides information leading to the arrest of members of a resistance movement. Only accurate and verifiable information will be rewarded.

DSF Imposter at Large
A young man in a stolen DSF uniform has been raiding small groups of guards and stealing their supplies. Each time, he has invaded the camp late at night and holds the guards at gun point, steals their supplies and a horse, while leaving one in return. So far no deaths have been reported, but serious injuries to guards have been. The young man is said to have brown hair, gaunt features, a prominent nose, and wild eyes. He should be considered armed, unstable, and extremely dangerous. Any information about this rogue should be reported to the authorities. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.


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