Country, Family, or Freedom

Wednesday, May 24, 1910

Jaristea Journal

Expect Increase Regulations
As of today, new security measures have been put into place. In light of recent questionable activity it has been advised that all towns in Vrancea enforce more strict policies. On top of the recent change to a 9 p.m. curfew the village of Jaristea will no longer allow vagrancy. All people will be required to sign in at checkpoints when entering or leaving the city. The village can only be exited from the roads; if you wish to enter the woods you must first check in with the nearest checkpoint. All equipment must be handed over to a nearby stationed guard. They will protect them under lock and key until you need them for work. The list includes but is not limited to large hammers, axes, hatchets, any knife bigger than a small kitchen knife, traps, pick axes, or any farm tools longer than 1 1/2 feet. Anyone caught in possession of one or more of these items without written permission from the local guard will be severely punished. As always, being caught with a gun or an explosive will be harshly dealt with. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

#Hot Off the Wire#
Thank You Vrancea
Beniamin Sorin Stanishev, county head of the DSF, would like to thank the wonderful people of Vrancea for their support in ensuring that Vrancea sees the development she deserves. The increased defensive measures were completed ahead of schedule due to the hard work of the local people and the natural bounty this county offers.
“It’s time to bring this county up to par with the others,” said Stanishev, “and then we will go on to surpass them!”
Stanishev has mentioned his petition to Frankenstein is awaiting review and is almost certain to be accepted. A group of industry leaders in the county have stood behind Stanishev on this matter in the hopes of making Vrancea more prosperous.
“The process of advancement is currently slower than preferred, but with the proper leadership, we can pick up the pace. There is no conceivable reason why Vrancea should lag behind it’s neighbors. Well, maybe one reason,” said Stanishev.

Local Man Arrested
Tivadar Fadrascu was arrested on Saturday night on charges of possession of a weapon and curfew violation. Fadrascu was seen making his way home from the Lunar Bull shortly before curfew. However, he did not manage to make it home in time and a guard stopped him for questioning. After being questioned briefly and quickly searched it was discovered that Fadrascu had a small pick axe on his person. He was detained and placed in a prison cell at the guard house. As a show of leniency, Capt. Zlata has decided to sentence the man to 6 months in prison instead of a longer sentence and a public flogging.

Lunar Bull to be Renovated
The Lunar Bull will be closed next Wednesday, the 31st, for a few days while it undergoes repairs and renovations. Repairs are only expected to take a short time, but no official completion date has been set. Claudiu and Yazme will be available at the house for orders and deliveries. The Rezescu family would like to thank the Jaristea for their understanding and they look forward to opening their doors as soon as possible.


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