Elspeth "Elise" Maciomhair

Hunter with a Troubled Past


Class: Working
Fate Points: 8


Strength 1 Presence 1
Dexterity 2 Wits 3
Fortitude 1 Resolve 0

*Derived Attributes *
Initiative 8
Health 3 (6 pips)

Common Skills

Act 2
Athletics 4
Conceal 2
Dodge 4
Medicine 2
Firearms 3
Fisticuffs 2
General Knowledge 2
Hide & Sneak 4
Horse Riding 2
Intimidation 3
Might 2
Navigation 4
Perception 4
Swordplay 4
Throwing 2

Specialty Skills

Tracking 4
Survival 4
Appraisal 1
Craft (Butcher) 2
Craft (Trap Making) 4

Traits: Agility, Quick Draw, Direction Sense, Backstabber
Contacts: Bianca (Pub Attendee and Daytime House Cleaner), Remus (Medical Assistant), S&D Martinesti (Smugglers)

Complications: Rage(Nervous Breakdown) Triggered by extended contact with children

Equipment: Knife, Trapping Equipment, Work Horse, Cart, and Silk Rope


The Maciomhair name can be traced back about five hundred years from this point, established about ten miles West of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her mother and father traveled from Scotland to what is now known as Jaristea in order to escape old debt collectors and establish a new home elsewhere.

Elspeth has a brother and a sister, both of which have disappeared to unknown areas. She last heard her brother joined the military, while her sister was married, but she is uncertain where and how. She now lives in the cabin, alone, to her own devices to hunt and sell her goods in town.

Learning how to hunt was the hard part, as there were few hunters in town worth their salt. However, shortly after attempting to teach herself, Doru Lazarescu offered to teach her on the finer points. With a few tips, and know-how, she managed to pick up on it rather quickly, finding she had a knack for it. And took it upon herself to get better, as well as make a trade out of it. She soon became a pretty well-known name in the marketplace.

Around age fifteen, after a hazy night which was likely filled with drinking, she found herself pregnant. Without much means to support herself besides hunting, and no idea who the father was, she became self sufficient until she was physically unable to do so. When the baby came, she knew the harvest was a present danger, and, being the self-sufficient one she was, attempted to make the child unharvestable.

It didn’t work.

With her only child gone, she became guilt-stricken, blaming herself for her brashness and hating even attempting to take the matter into her own hands. To this day, she can’t be around children for long periods of time, and often becomes panicked when she is forced to do so.

Quiet and distant, she tries to keep to herself for the most part, but knows when she needs to interact, as she is a game salesperson in town.

Elspeth "Elise" Maciomhair

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