Helena Lazarescu

Herbal Healer


Class: Working
Fate Points: 8

Derived Attributes 
Health3 (6 pips)
Common Skills Specialties 
Conceal4Science (Botany)4
Concentration4Culture (Russia)2
Dodge4History (Promethea)2
Empathy3Language (English)3
General Knowledge3Medicine5
Hide and Seek6Navigation2

Acutes Senses (Smell)
Iron Will
Light Sleeper
Polygot (Russian)



Helena Lazarescu is half-Russian & half-Romanian, her mother a Russian who her Romanian father returned home with after an extended hunting trip. Where her mother comes from, how she ended up in Promethea, is a story no one truly knows. In fact, her mother when asked, spins wild tales and speaks story of the Baba Yaga, and other strange creatures. These stories along with her expert knowledge of herbal medicine has left most referring to the Lazarescu women as Witches.

Much of the warmer season Helena’s father is absent, traveling for trade purposes, while she stays apprenticing under her mother’s teachings. Due to her name alone she garners both fascination and suspicion from the locals. She is incredibly bright, at sixteen fully capable of tending to patients on her own, and able to speak the local language and that natural tongue of her mother.

Unfortunately she is cursed with terrible shyness, and struggles to speak casually with anyone outside doing her job. While scared and unmoved by many things, around people she becomes reclusive, resolved to simply stare or murmur instead of speaking up. This also leaves many suspicious of the young woman. The local church keeps their eye of the “witches.” Wild rumors of dark magic practice often start from inside the superstitious priests’ wall in hopes the villagers will take heed of their warnings, but with no affordable doctors, they have little choice. One of the reasons the Helena remains unmarried is due to reputation of her family in general, her mother’s lack of concern for social normalities, and her own shyness that makes it troublesome to interact with people

Helena Lazarescu

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