Petre Sabin

Tough-as-nails miner with a heart of gold


Petre is the youngest of the three Sabin boys. Matei, the eldest, died in the mines about a year ago, leaving behind a wife, Sorina, and two sons, Beniamin (now aged 10) and Nicolae (now aged 8). Serghei, Petre’s one remaining brother, turned to drink long ago. He is a layabout, good for nothing more than begging money off family and former friends in order to buy his next bottle.

Petre spends his free time helping other townsfolk, especially his sister-in-law and nephews. Petre is handy with machines, so he’s happy to take a look at generators and farming equipment when they have problems. He doesn’t usually charge for the help, but he does collect favors and extra food to drop off for Sorina and the boys.

Petre’s dog, Bruva, is well-known around town. During the day, when Petre’s in the mines, Bruva is usually lazing around wherever Petre’s nephews are playing. The massive, hairy beast keeps any would-be trouble at bay, and he’s good at keeping Beni and Nicu from straying too far from home.

Petre Sabin

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