Country, Family, or Freedom

Saturday, June 17, 1910
Jaristea Journal Special Edition

#Hot Off the Wire#
Ghergiev to Look into DSF Actions
Vladimir Ghergiev has been receiving reports of DSF guards holding ad hoc trials, stealing, falsely imprisoning citizens, and even a few rumors of murders. He has not be pleased with DSF leadership in the area and has taken it upon himself to investigate the matter further. Kobokha Ghergiev, Vladimir’s son, has been placed in charge of the military in the county until such time as the matter is resolved.

Steel Mill Destroyed in Marasesti
Four people were seen fleeing the scene of a steel mill explosion the other night. However, only three of the figures managed to escape as the four member of the group was too close to the explosion. Medical examiners are still determining whether they died from the explosion or the metal debris that was scattered from the blast. The identity of the dead man is still being determined, but what is known is that he is not from the city. He is a dark haired and skinny young man. If anyone has any information regarding the explosion or the identification of the Resistance members please report to the local authorities. Your cooperation in the matter is appreciated.

Bounty for Proven Resistance Members
Stanashev is offering a $50 reward to any person who provides information leading to the arrest of members of a resistance movement. Only accurate and verifiable information will be rewarded.

DSF Imposter at Large
A young man in a stolen DSF uniform has been raiding small groups of guards and stealing their supplies. Each time, he has invaded the camp late at night and holds the guards at gun point, steals their supplies and a horse, while leaving one in return. So far no deaths have been reported, but serious injuries to guards have been. The young man is said to have brown hair, gaunt features, a prominent nose, and wild eyes. He should be considered armed, unstable, and extremely dangerous. Any information about this rogue should be reported to the authorities. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

June 7, 1910
Jaristea Journal

Botched Horse Theft Leaves One Dead
A member of the DSF was found murdered at a supply depot a few miles outside of Jaristea. The other guards had fled the area after a horse thief made off with the horses at the depot. When they returned they found the man with his throat slit, laying in a pool of his own blood. The guards suspect that the thief’s accomplice was behind the murder. At this time neither the thief or the murderer have been found at this time. The DSF has asked that any information be reported immediately. Information that leads to the capture of one or both of the criminals may be rewarded.

The Lunar Bull to Reopen
The Lunar Bull will be reopen for business as of June 12. The renovations to the bar tops have been completed as well as some minor maintenance. Claudiu Rezescu would like to invite everyone to come down and enjoy this month’s selection of wine and spirits.

Town divided over Fadrascu
After last week’s heated discuss between two of the village’s well-known figures everyone has been discussing the event and it has been causing a rift between neighbors. Some believe that the law is the law and must be followed while others believe that unjust laws should be ignored. There is also a debate over the severity of the punishment. Some say that 6 months is too long while others acknowledge that citizens have been given harsher punishments for lesser reasons. The only thing that everyone can agree on is something has changed. Whether for good or ill is still to be determined.

Wednesday, May 24, 1910
Jaristea Journal

Expect Increase Regulations
As of today, new security measures have been put into place. In light of recent questionable activity it has been advised that all towns in Vrancea enforce more strict policies. On top of the recent change to a 9 p.m. curfew the village of Jaristea will no longer allow vagrancy. All people will be required to sign in at checkpoints when entering or leaving the city. The village can only be exited from the roads; if you wish to enter the woods you must first check in with the nearest checkpoint. All equipment must be handed over to a nearby stationed guard. They will protect them under lock and key until you need them for work. The list includes but is not limited to large hammers, axes, hatchets, any knife bigger than a small kitchen knife, traps, pick axes, or any farm tools longer than 1 1/2 feet. Anyone caught in possession of one or more of these items without written permission from the local guard will be severely punished. As always, being caught with a gun or an explosive will be harshly dealt with. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

#Hot Off the Wire#
Thank You Vrancea
Beniamin Sorin Stanishev, county head of the DSF, would like to thank the wonderful people of Vrancea for their support in ensuring that Vrancea sees the development she deserves. The increased defensive measures were completed ahead of schedule due to the hard work of the local people and the natural bounty this county offers.
“It’s time to bring this county up to par with the others,” said Stanishev, “and then we will go on to surpass them!”
Stanishev has mentioned his petition to Frankenstein is awaiting review and is almost certain to be accepted. A group of industry leaders in the county have stood behind Stanishev on this matter in the hopes of making Vrancea more prosperous.
“The process of advancement is currently slower than preferred, but with the proper leadership, we can pick up the pace. There is no conceivable reason why Vrancea should lag behind it’s neighbors. Well, maybe one reason,” said Stanishev.

Local Man Arrested
Tivadar Fadrascu was arrested on Saturday night on charges of possession of a weapon and curfew violation. Fadrascu was seen making his way home from the Lunar Bull shortly before curfew. However, he did not manage to make it home in time and a guard stopped him for questioning. After being questioned briefly and quickly searched it was discovered that Fadrascu had a small pick axe on his person. He was detained and placed in a prison cell at the guard house. As a show of leniency, Capt. Zlata has decided to sentence the man to 6 months in prison instead of a longer sentence and a public flogging.

Lunar Bull to be Renovated
The Lunar Bull will be closed next Wednesday, the 31st, for a few days while it undergoes repairs and renovations. Repairs are only expected to take a short time, but no official completion date has been set. Claudiu and Yazme will be available at the house for orders and deliveries. The Rezescu family would like to thank the Jaristea for their understanding and they look forward to opening their doors as soon as possible.

Jaristea Journal
Wednesday, May 7, 1910

Blaze Burns Bodies
Over the last week a few local boys were publicly sentenced to hanging in what appeared to be an ad hoc military trial by Captain Zlata. The boys were due to hang for three nights to serve as an example. However, after the first night, there was a small forest fire that was caused by guards being drunk on duty and knocking over a torch. The blaze consumed the bodies, several trees, and one of the guards; the other guard sustaining minor burns. Bones were found on the scene but the fire made it hard to determine whose they might be. The guard that lived through the incident is to be court-martialed in Focsani and has been transported back to the capital.

“This kind of behavior will not be tolerated on my watch. Not only does such behavior reflect poorly on me, it reflects poorly on the DSF and Promethea.” said Captain Zlata.

New Curfew in Effect
With the rise in suspicious activity in the area Captain Zlata, in agreement with Magistrate Stanascu, has changed the curfew from 10 p.m. to 9 p.m. Anyone caught after dark without a permit will be subject to search, seizure, and imprisonment. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

New Fortifications Built Around Jaristea
Over the last week plans have been underway to increase the security in Jaristea. The foundation for a central watchtower have been constructed. The tower is to be two stories tall and be manned by two to three guards at a time. There are future plans to install a spotlight as soon as they are able to route electricity into the village. The checkpoints are being reinforced and security measures will be increased. Have all traveling and business licenses ready when you plan to leave the city and set aside time for an inspection if you are randomly selected. Villagers can also expect to see more regular patrols more often.

A Special Thanks
The families of the deceased would like to thank all those who helped them pay their respect to the dead. Words can not express our gratitude for your kindness. You are the kind of people who make our village a home. We are forever in your debt.

Jaristea Journal
Wednesday, May 3, 1910
#Hot Off the Wire#

Increased Security to be Expected
According to county DSF head Beniamin Stanishev there will be an increased security presence in all towns due to reports of Resistance activities. The additional security will ensure that Promethean citizens are protected from the threat of violence. Citizens should be on the look out for any suspicious behavior. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Member of Boyar Family Injured
Lucius Ghergiev, the 5 year old son of the cousin of Vladimir Ghergiev, was injured by a horse over the weekend. The boy was tending to his horse and was kicked in the face by the animal. Surgeons were able to reconstruct the boy’s face, however not without leaving a long scar along the right side of the boy’s face. The family is currently on the search for a fair-skinned, male, child roughly between the ages of 4 and 7 year old for emergency cosmetic surgery. Please report to your nearest DSF office if you see someone fitting this description. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

#Local News#

Engagement Announcement
Jaristea is pleased to announce the engagement of Arpad Jitkashev, son of Grigore and Boglarka Jitkashev, and Mara Zlata, daughter of Ottavia Zlata. The couple is set to be wed in August. Please be sure to congratulate the couple and wish them a blissful marriage.

New Wine at the Lunar Bull
The Rezescu winery has crafted a blueberry wine in time for spring. Be sure to enjoy this refreshing treat after a hard day of work. This beverage will be available at the Lunar Bull while supplies last. You won’t want to miss out.

Stormclouds on the Horizon

In a rural village in Vrancea, five individuals will find themselves pulled into a world rife with danger – even moreso than the challenges of everyday life in Promethea and the ever-present threat of the Harvest. These unlikely heroes must choose what they are willing to fight for, and how much they are willing to lose. Can they liberate their twisted nation from the clutches of Frankenstein and his wicked cadre? Can they save their loved ones or even themselves? What dangers and sacrifices await them in the shadows of Promethea?


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