Welcome to Promethea, 1910, Vrancea county.

This resource rich county has been largely underdeveloped and has been spared the most constant presence of Victor Frankenstein’s Domestic Securities Forces. As such military engagements in this area of the country are rare. However there is another issue that plagues this quiet county.

Vladimir Ghergiev, the patriarch of the boyar family of Vrancea, is the worst kind of person. He was awarded the territory for backing Frankenstein’s vision from the beginning and has abused the emergency Harvest protocols in the most horrid manner. The once skinny man in now a savage hunter who prefers to go unarmed against some of the county’s fiercest creatures. He and his family have a reputation as some of the most decadent of the boyar families in Promethea. Many of the other families refused to interact with the family altogether, leaving the family isolated.

However, due to the mismanagement of Vrancea’s resources, a consortium of businessmen and local leaders, including county DSF head Benjamin Sorin Stanishev, have petitioned parliament to have the situation in the county reviewed. This would mean the end of the Ghergiev family’s control of the county, but it would also mean a tighter grip on the county by the hand of Victor Frankenstein. The land would be industrialized and robbed of its natural beauty while DSF troopers moved along the recently built railways from town. The little bit freedom they can enjoy would be severely limited.

So far the situation is in a stalemate. Both sides have access to military resources and men loyal to them. Any move the other side makes against the other is through proxies or flimsy excuses. What is known is that, regardless of parliament’s decision, Vladimir Ghergiev isn’t going to leave quietly.

Country, Family, or Freedom

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