Country, Family, or Freedom

Wednesday, October 3, 1910

The Jaristea Journal

Local News

Battle Erupts Outside of Jaristea
There has been much speculation into the events that took place on September 27, otherwise known as the Jaristea Skirmish, but it’s time to clear up what took place. Based on an anonymous tip that there might be hostile forces in the area the local guard set out to investigate. It turns out the tip was correct, but the guards fell into a hastily constructed ambush. The fighting was brief, but intense with many of the guards losing their lives in the process. Pravsha Ghergeiv and six of his men managed to get free of the skirmish and rode into Jaristea. The guards that remained after the skirmish attempted to regroup and give chase, but were unable to do so in time.

The guards left in town did what they could to defend against Pravsha, but it was little use. It was clear his objective was to destroy the generator and burn down the barracks and he managed to do both without trouble. Pravsha and his men departed shortly after leaving a few wounded guards in town to deal with the destruction.

Several innocent people lost their lives during the fighting. Pravsha and his men killed Mara Zlata, Andrin Dobry, Remus Stanascu, Emil Tuniev, and Rozsa. The families would like to thank everyone who came out to honor their memories.

Military Base to Relocate
Plans to fortify Jaristea have been scrapped in favor of constructing a smaller sturdier outpost down the road. Beniamin Stanishev has decided that the area is too hostile to waste time fortifying an entire town. The town will still be expected to provide supplies to the outpost, but will not benefit from it’s protection. More troops are moving into the area and construction has just begun.

New Teacher in Jaristea
The town leaders have decided to give the teaching position to Rozalia Nevena. Nikifor Hristina, one of the other candidates, has gone to work as Victorin Ezrebescu’s medical assistant.

County News

Pravsha Ghergiev Attacked by Resistance
On his way home early Thursday morning Pravsha Ghergiev, Head of Infrastructure, and his guards were attacked by who we’ve determined to be Resistance Members. As the group rode down the road and tree was felled in their path, forcing them to stop. Gunfire erupted on both sides of the road as the path behind them was set aflame by flaming clay pots filled with gasoline. Most of the guards and horses were killed or wounded in the first volley of gunfire including Pravsha’s horse, causing him to fall to the ground. The second volley managed to miss him as it finished off many of the remaining guards. Pravsha got to his feet and charged the barracade, breaking it apart as another volley of gunfire was aimed at him. Though he was wounded this did not stop him from being able to make his escape.

If anyone has any information about the identities of these men report it to Ghergiev’s men immediately. You will be compensated for every person brought to justice. A direct attack on the Ghergiev family will not be tolerated.


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